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Let MACKILLOP PICTOU LAW GROUP be the solution for your wills and estate planning needs.


Estate planning does not have to be complicated, and no estate is too small for a Will. Having a plan for your estate means less hassle for your survivors during what is already a very difficult time. 


Estate planning is life planning, ensure that your children, loved ones, friends, and even your favorite charities are taken care of upon your passing.


Here at MACKILLOP PICTOU LAW GROUP, we offer assistance  and flat rates when preparing the following documents: 


  • Power of Attorney, this document appoints someone to make Estate decisions for you when you are unable to make such decisions yourself;

  • Guardianship Appointment, this document details what you prefer happen to your underage children upon your passing; 

  • Personal Directive, this document expresses your wishes concerning who you want to make difficult medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to communicate with medical personal; and

  • Wills.

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